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2 Davids Sold and a Reality Show Taped at House of Davids Sale

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The great House of Davids estate sale began this weekend, with champagne, massages, and a little entertainment on Saturday (it also ran Sunday and will continue next weekend). Owner/R&B singer Norwood Young told us the line was down the block before the 12 pm start time, so he let people in early and sang a little "My Way" to entertain the crowd. He said there had also been filming going on for his in-the-works reality show, which will be about his music career and his experience living in Hancock Park. By the time we stopped by at the end of day two, two of the Davids had sold (asking price: $1,000), according to Sharon Yost, whose company Sharon Yost Estate Sales is running the event. That means there are 16 left (and prices will probably come down a little next weekend), along with some Caesar busts and Venus de Milo statues.

Yost told us thousands of people had already been through and that some customers said it was one of the funnest sales they'd been to. The only thing out of the ordinary for her was that the house's owner was there while she and her team set up (she usually does sales for people who have already moved out or died).

Next weekend, Yost is hoping to have Young's enormous wardrobe and shoe collection ready to sell (see photos here). Young will be around on Saturday (go say hi--he's very nice). Check out a very long list of items for sale over at the SYES website.

Young says he'll be staying in LA to finish his reality show and that the only time he'll miss the house is at Christmas (when the Davids dress up in little Santa suits--see a big pile of them in the photos above). But: "I'll always be a Hancock Parkian."
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House of Davids

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