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1926 Wallace Neff House Built For Huntington Hotel Manager

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Pasadena, will you ever run short on historic homes built by notable architects? We hope not. And this is a good one: "built in 1925 for D. M. Linnard, manager & then owner of the Huntington Hotel. Wallace Neff designed the home in the English Tudor Revival Style. Now part of the unique Huntington Circle community of 13 cottages adjacent the Langham Huntington Hotel; this home retains its original design integrity." According to a 1917 issue of The World's Work, Linnard was a "hotel wizard," who started by taking over management at Pasadena's Maryland Hotel in 1903. The magazine says that, by 1913, the hotel had been left partially-built for several years (it had only opened for three months), and that Linnard persuaded Henry E. Huntington to put up $1 million to finish it. His old house currently has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, a "charming circular breakfast room," a library, and a lower-level home office with reception room, its own kitchen, a boardroom, two offices, and an exercise room. The grounds were designed by Mark Bartos. Asking price is $4.288 million.
· 790 HUNTINGTON Cir [Redfin]