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Gated Fremont Place House Ages Like Wine

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 81 Fremont Place, a house built before 1920.

81 Fremont Pl.
Price: $3.549 million
Year Built: 1919
Who Was There: Calm, relaxed, older people in expensive clothes.
Atmosphere: None of the furniture wows, none of the architecture flashes. This is both the pro and the con to this house. It's an urban oasis where time stands still, so there's very little pomp to the house, despite its size and price tag. For those who don't live at 75 mph, this is the place to be.
Gated Community: Some guy, who we're pretty sure was a patient on Grey's Anatomy a couple years ago, opened the window to ask "What are you here for?" "The Open House, of course!" got us in without a hitch.
History: Not only was this place built almost a hundred years ago, but the interior reflects the age. The owners have put a lot of effort into attending to the house (you can see the drawer pulls are all new; the marble countertop in the kitchen with the engraved dish drain is a recent addition), but they don't make the mistake of going too modern. The old fashioned sink and oven are to die for.
Neighbors: The neighbors have hedges right out of Edward Scissorhands. Our favorites are the dolphins.
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