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Here's What the House of Davids Might Look Like If It Weren't the House of Davids

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Hancock Park's House of Davids (aka Youngwood Court) is the vision of one man: owner Norwood Young. It's spectacular and a whole lot of fun, but all that personal style can be a hard sell, especially in fancy old Hancock Park. (Young has had the house on the market since May.) To show off the house's potential, brokers Jackie Winter and Richard Battaglia had architect Tim Barber draw up a plan for returning the house to what it was--"a traditional-style, 1952 ranch, but with a modern twist to it," says Winter. Tim Barber Ltd.'s head of business development Mary Kate Spach tells us in an email what the firm has done:

Click to enlarge; courtesy Tim Barber Ltd.

We have removed the Mediteranean details from the house like the arched front door and the quoining on the corners of the house. To give it character and individuality, we added a more stately entry to the home with Doric columns and a traditional door, added a hip roof over the center windows and framed those windows with shutters. We changed all the large horizontal windows to separate, vertical mullioned windows (breaking the window into smaller, more attractive panes of glass). Winter says that Barber also had ideas for the interior, including raising the living room ceilings, opening up the living room into the dining room, expanding the kitchen into the current media room, turning some of the foyer and media room into a family room, and making a master suite downstairs. Spach tells us that Barber's new version "looks much more like a Hancock Park house."

Winter and Battaglia have been holding open houses the last two weekends and this weekend Young will start selling all his wacky, awesome, glittery stuff at an estate sale (tomorrow there'll be massages and champagne for opening day). Winter says so far investors have shown the most interest in buying the house.

Barber's rendering was up at an open house this past weekend and people were into it, according to Spach: "they were like 'oh, we totally get it'?they were able to see what this could go back to." She says Young liked it too, although he did say that it wasn't his personal taste.
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House of Davids

304 S. Muirfield Rd., Los Angeles, CA