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SoCal Shoe Hotlist, LA Fashion Week, Liz Taylor's Jewels at the PDC, the 38 Essential Shops For Fall

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ALL OVER: BAM: it's the Racked LA Shoe Hotlist--all the best places in SoCal to get some fabulous shoes, in handy map form.

DOWNTOWN: It's LA Fashion Week again. Racked checked in on night one's showcase of dresses from Emily Factor, shoes from Calleen Cordero, and jewelry from Alex & Lee.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: You can go drool over Elizabeth Taylor's stuff, on display at the Pacific Design Center before it's sold at auction. Racked has some photos of the shiny jewels and fabulous gowns--the show also includes Oscars, leather-bound scripts, and a couple of Warhols.

ALL OVER: Racked has updated its list of the 38 essential SoCal shops with more picks for that chilly fall weather that might eventually hit sometime in January. Check it out.
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Pacific Design Center

8687 Melrose Avenue, , CA 90069 Visit Website