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Mapping LA's Potential Sign Districts

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In a move that will delight fans of maps and citywide controversies, the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight has compiled a list of the "grandfathered" sign districts included in the city's current proposed sign ordinance. These are areas that would be exempt from some of the city's sign rules. These grandfathered districts were all applied for before the city's Planning and Land Use Management Committee started discussing the ordinance, but none have had hearings yet. According to the Coalition, the new ordinance does not automatically allow the grandfathered districts, but it does allow them to proceed through Planning Department processing. Some of the grandfathered districts were frozen as a result of an emergency moratorium in 2009.

It's hard not to notice that some of the districts would be used for the sole purpose of advertising to the freeway (the Metropolis, City West, and Metro Universal are the most blatantly obvious). An earlier version of the new sign ordinance, approved by the City Planning Commission, only included two sign districts.

Back on August 9, the PLUM committee continued a vote on the ordinance until October 18, and wouldn't you know it...that date with destiny is right around the corner. Hot topics at the last hearing included commercial signage in public parks, minimum size requirements for projects that can become sign districts, and the aforementioned grandfathered districts.
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