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LA Might Require Parking Lot Gates to Stop Tax Cheats

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From the frustration files comes a Daily News article about a new law moving through City Hall that would crackdown on tax-cheating parking lot management companies. Some companies in the city haven't been paying the city's parking tax--to an estimated tune of $23 million in lost revenue. According to the DN: "Some of the lots deal only in cash, which has allowed scofflaws to surreptitiously pocket the 10 percent tax on each permit sold that is supposed to be passed on to the city." So the law would require parking lots and garages to have either gates and ticket dispensers or portable credit readers and ticket printers, so that income is well-documented.

And in case you are wondering what businesses could possibly have the gumption to pull such a heist: "In April, Prestige Parking, which operates 47 lots around Los Angeles, was ordered to pay the city $4.4 million in unpaid business and parking occupancy taxes." (More on that case here.) LA's finance department also released a list of top debtors, which includes West Hollywood-based LA Parking Services.

An estimated 1,140 lots would be affected by the new requirements (there are more than 1,500 in the city). The law, which has already been approved by the Police Commission, still requires City Council approval. Pictured: Former Bell city manager Robert Rizzo, found working security in a Huntington Beach parking lot back in January, via OC Register
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