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Exploring Occupy Los Angeles, the City's Newest Microhood

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Occupy Los Angeles is in its twelfth day today and by now it's a pretty well-organized little community circling City Hall--with a few hundred sleeping tents, a library, well-stocked food station, security detail, welcome tent, media representation, medical station, and a lunchtime speaker series. That's what the Occupy protests are: a constant presence. The protesters aren't worried so much about specific policy goals as they are with being a perpetual reminder. LA has the second largest protest in the country (after New York), according to The Atlantic. And unlike New York, the occupiers are allowed to sleep on the City Hall park and lawn: "For the first week, the LAPD forced campers to move their tents onto the sidewalk by 10 each night to comply with a city code that makes it illegal to sleep in city parks. In the morning, they moved back to the lawn, but logistics soon became unmanageable and as of this Tuesday, the city council passed a resolution that allows them to stay on the grass 24/7." Today the City Council passed a general resolution of support. We visited LA's newest quasi-permanent microhood on Sunday during CicLAvia. Here's a tour (you'll have to imagine the smell of incense, which was burning throughout).
· Occupy Los Angeles [Official Site]

Los Angeles City Hall

200 North Spring Street, , CA 90012