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Virgil Village Set to Get a Little Friendlier Toward Non-Drivers

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The Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative is hoping to chill out Virgil Village's main drag--they've hired on a consultant team to come up with a traffic calming plan for Virgil Ave. from Melrose to Santa Monica Blvd. Over the last few months, the team (members are Long Beach-based architecture/urban design firm Studio One Eleven, landscape architect Patricia Smith, and transportation consultants Fehr & Peers) has been periodically turning a corner of Virgil and SMB into a temporary plaza, where they hold public charrettes (with taco truck, natch) to get input from people who actually use the streets.

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The last charrette was held last weekend and a rep for the group tells us that more than 70 people showed up to vote on their preferred improvements. The final plans will include "Stormwater infiltration parkways; Enhanced crosswalks, plazas, bike lanes and bike boxes; Street trees and curb extensions."

Now LANI (which has funding for the project) will bring the plan to the Department of Transportation and Councilmember Eric Garcetti's office.
· Virgil Village Traffic Calming Plan [Facebook]