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Some WeHoans Don't Want to Trade WPA Buildings For Jetsons Roofs at Plummer Park

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Work on a major overhaul of West Hollywood's Plummer Park is set to begin as early as February, but some locals want to throw themselves on top of the shovels. A community meeting will be held tonight on the matter at 7 pm at Plummer Park. The renovations are supposed to create a more cohesive green space, the construction manager told the West Hollywood Patch--the current surface parking will be removed and parking will be built underground, which will help add an acre of green space to Plummer. One of the problems, though, according to a group called Protect Plummer Park, is that 100-year-old trees will have to be removed to create the subterranean parking. Park officials say the trees will be replaced.

A bigger grievance for the group is that both the Great Hall and the Long Hall will meet their makers; both Spanish Colonial Revival buildings were built during the Depression as part of the Work Projects Administration (and this is coming right after WeHo bulldozed the 51-year-old Edward Fickett-designed library that abutted West Hollywood Park). The Russian library, currently housed in the Long Hall, will have to be moved to a nearby city-owned building for the demolition. It's not yet clear where the Audubon Society, in the Great Hall, will go.

The PPP group also dislikes the renovation plans for the Fiesta Hall, which will get a new 131-seat theater and a fancy roof that PPP leader Stephanie Harker says is "straight out of the Jetsons" (and that's bad to her), according to the WeHo News.

A preschool building will have to be demolished and rebuilt, and will temporarily move across town, which also riles the PPP.

The park will also be getting a Great Lawn and lots of fun fountains.
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