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Why Are the Trees Attacking SoCal?

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Monday was one of those days when the trees start attacking. The most recent happening occurred in Woodland Hills--a large pine tree fell onto a house. The victim of that accident, Seth Khachtourin, told the Daily News that the tree attack "felt like a 10.0 earthquake." That tree caused $200,000 in damage, and the house has been red flagged for risk of collapse by the Los Angeles Fire Department. That continues a spate of tree-related accidents that began in September with a sad freak accident in Costa Mesa, in which a eucalyptus tree fell onto a car, killing the woman inside. That accident prompted city crews to remove the 100 eucalyptus trees along that stretch of Irvine Avenue, despite the protests of a small group of locals.

Since then, there have been almost daily reports of trees inflicting property damage around Southern California. On Sunday, just the day before the Woodland Hills accident, a 20-foot branch fell onto a parked car, but El Monte police Lt. Michelle States informed the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that no one was injured.

Recent wet weather hasn't helped either. According to NBC LA, last week's unseasonable torrent resulted in tree-inflicted damage to at least three homes--one in Beverly Hills and two in Newport Beach.
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