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Sunset Boulevard Kronish House Neighbor Has Mob Ties

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This 1930 house sits on Sunset Boulevard and Mountain Drive, next door to the Richard Neutra-designed Kronish House and a couple lots down from Madonna's place. It's full of lovely original details, including tiling, beams, and hand-painted ceilings (along with more recent cool details, like that hanging bed). And it's got some sordid details attached to it too. Our true crime tipster tells us this house belonged to alleged Cleveland/Los Angeles mob bigshot Tony Milano, who died in 1978.

This is from a 1952 FBI report, as quoted in the book To Kill the Irishman:

Informant stated MILANO may be residing in Cleveland, Ohio or Los Angeles, California but he maintains control of the "Italian group" in Los Angeles. The informant stated that in comparison to MILANO, JACK DRAGNA could be considered just a puppet, and MILANO'S power over Italians in Los Angeles resembles that of a king and his word is law to his followers. Informant advised MILANO maintained a residence on Sunset Boulevard (9451 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California), and while residing in Los Angeles has some 50 or 60 henchman at his beck and call whom he can call together at a moment's notice in order to carry out any requests... But back to the house: it has a formal dining room, five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a formal dining room, a basement, and a private den and patio off the master. It also sits on 1.14 acres with a pool, a sport court, a two bedroom guesthouse, huge swaths of lawn, and a meditating garden with koi pond. Asking price is $9.85 million.
· 9451 SUNSET Blvd [Redfin]