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DWP Fountains Flowing, Mindblowing Art Collection Sells, FIGat7th Still Kicking Pre-Target

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DOWNTOWN: An emailer reports that water is flowing in the glorious DWP/John Ferraro Building fountains again: "My bus goes by the LADWP building every day, and I just noticed that the fountains are back on after the long rehab project they have been undertaking. Huzzah!" [Curbed Inbox]

VAN NUYS: Well, producer Richard Dorso's glorious art collection has been broken up, sold at auction after one last public showing at Los Angeles Modern Auctions. LAMA set no reserves for the pieces and a press release says there was "record-breaking attendance in the room, on the phones and on the Internet." Everything sold and the whole thing went for a total of $1.536 million. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: The FIGat7th retail center is undergoing some major work to make way for a Target, but meanwhile it would like to remind you that it has other, non-Target stores, and that they're still open (they also host food trucks and a farmers' market). Owner Brookfield Office Properties encourages everyone to eat a steak at Morton's, go work out at the Gold's Gym, then chug a macchiato at the Starbucks. (Please don't actually do that.) [Curbed Inbox]


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