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Blissfully Boring Orange Line Extension Should Fulfill Promise to Open In Summer 2012

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A firm opening for the Expo Line continues to elude us, and lawsuits threaten to complicate every other rail project in LA, so let's take some comfort in knowing that no one is standing in the way of the Orange Line extension. Yes, yes, it's a bus, but it hauls 23,000 people across the Valley every workday (and funnels many into the subway in North Hollywood) on its own exclusive right-of-way. The new extension, to a Metrolink commuter train station in Chatsworth, is still on track to open next summer, according to Metro's Dave Sotero. Work is starting on the extension's new stations, which will include pieces by local artists. The extension project also includes a new bikeway and landscaping.

Sotero tells us:

Construction is progressing across a wide array of fronts on the Metro Orange Line Extension. Metro's contractor Brutoco Engineering & Construction is attacking the four-mile alignment between Canoga Park and Chatsworth from both ends in efforts to complete the $215.6 million project for the line's anticipated opening in summer 2012. Work crews have completed nearly all of the final busway designs, including street crossings, bikeway, stations, bridges and other elements. Construction continues at a rapid pace with the ongoing construction of the Lassen Street bridge which will completely grade-separate bus traffic from commuter and freight traffic at Chatsworth Amtrak/Metrolink Station.

The busway itself is now taking shape as crews grade and pave the base, curb and gutters for the new busway.

The contractor has also completed bridge footings and abutments for the other smaller bridges on the project--the L.A. River and Santa Susana bridges. Both bridges also recently received new girders.

Station locations are also taking shape. Work crews have poured new foundations for the new stations planned at Sherman Way, Roscoe, and Nordhoff Streets. Crews will begin fabricating station canopies in the near future.

Street intersection work continues at various locations, as well as grading for the parallel bike path that is also part of the project.

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