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Buyers Selling Laguna Beach Warren Buffett House at a Loss

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Investor king Warren Buffett proves once again that he always knows when to buy and when to sell. He sold this house in Laguna Beach's fancy Emerald Bay community in 2005 for $5.45 million; the people who bought it from him have been trying to get rid of it since 2009 and have now pricechopped it down to less than what they paid. The listing plays up the Buffett angle: "Own a treasured piece of history as this home was previously owned by Warren Buffet and family; this estate is nothing short of spectacular and is fit for a king!" The four bedroom, four bathroom house comes with all the Emerald Bay amenities--beach access, tennis courts, and a community center with pool. It was originally listed in March 2009 asking $6.495 million, it's now down to $4.995 million. HOAs are $650 per month.
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