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"i feel for the squatters -- slab city IS an apocalyptic nightmare and i can't imagine having nowhere else to turn except that horrid patch of dirt in the sonoran desert -- and yet... the slaon article fails to describe how fascinating salvation mountain and the crazy, sexual, bestiality murals on the huge (empty) water towers behind it truly are (there are crazy paintings of manatees screwing beavers, or a moose screwing a dolphin, etc.). the hundreds of slab city trailers and tents resemble a less-organized burning man, and the plaster-covered, crazily painted mountain and weird, tree-fort thing next to it, with tunnels, etc., are completely bizarre and not to be missed. there's nothing like it, and so weird to find in the middle of nowhere. yes, you feel like you're walking into a giant outdoor meth lab, but seriously, go see it if you're ever out that way." --guest [Slab City Tales]