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High Pricetag Doesn't Make Crazy Decor Charmingly Eccentric

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Failing at photographing one's home is like failing phys ed or study hall--it shouldn't be possible, but somehow there's always someone who falls through the cracks. To help listings be their very best, we show you what not to do.

Santa Monica confirms once again that the beach lifestyle and a flare for interior decoration do not often go hand in hand. Keep in mind that this house is listed for $6.75 million as we do the rundown: multiple birdcages hanging from the ceiling, hanging lanterns, walls with more paintings on them than free space, a mirrored oval table, and a gold leaf, laureled fireplace screen. This place has a "vodka Red Bull" feel to it--a lot of upper in an overall downer.
· 2224 Main St [Redfin]