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Trading Spaces: My Venice for Your Silver Lake?

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In our experience, winter is the worst time to look for a new home -- the pickins tend to be much slimmer. You may need to get creative, like this frustrated househunter we spotted on Craigslist, who'd like to propose a swap. From the ad: "I have a GREAT 2 bdm house with a MONSTER backyard, 2 car driveway and gas fireplace, 5 blocks from the beach, just North of Rose in the best part of Venice. I do not want to leave but must. So...I've been trying to find a comparable house for myself and my fiancee in Silverlake but having zero luck. What's on the market is either crap or ridiculously overpriced. If you are trying to find something affordable AND great here in Venice, you probably feel my pain. My Venice house might cost 3600+ and it would be all but impossible to find. Maybe we can help each other out and be happy where we need to be? Perhaps I am crazy here but I am pretty frustrated (desperate is another word) and figure this is worth a shot." It's a long shot all right, poster, but hey, ya never know.
· $2500 / 2br - Venice for Silverlake Trade [Craigslist]