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Rock it in a Woodrow Wilson Boathouse, Pico House Gets Spooked

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HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Watch the tilt, sailor. Another Woodrow Wilson boathouse has hit the market so if you're in the mood, this one is asking $440,000. "Own a piece of Hollywood in one of these famous Boathouses built by Harry Gesner in the 1950's. There are a few groups scattered throughout the hills. A serene canyon setting makes it peaceful and quiet as it hangs against the cliff." Listing. [Redfin]

DOWNTOWN: If you like the show "Ghost Adventures," tonight the show visits the Pico House in downtown. Via the InBox: "The team will be investigating the once-opulent (but now vacant) hotel along with the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, a team of veteran actors and stuntmen including Kane Hodder (who played Jason Voorhees) and R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface)." Spooky! Spookier would be if they could revitalize this area! The show is on the Travel Channel at 9pm tonight. [Curbed InBox]