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BusChopper: Metro Weighs More Cuts, Changes to Lines

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Hot on the heels of cutting several bus lines and reducing service on others last month, Metro is now considering another round of cuts that could go into effect in late June. The service reductions would discontinue some buses and shorten the length of others, and affect lines from across the county. On The Source, Steve Hymon tries to remind readers that, at $1.50, a bus ride in LA is cheaper than in most cities, and says that the changes would work to end redundant services: "In nearly all cases where lines are proposed for elimination, they will be replaced by other Metro bus lines or by transit services within one-quarter mile of existing service." Some other proposed changes--which will be discussed at six public hearings next month--involve bus lines "interfacing" with the Expo Line light-rail, which is supposed to open about the same time as the bus cuts would go into effect. Commenters on The Source are unsurprisingly peeved about the changes, while Streetsblog rounds up more reaction. And here is a list of the proposed changes. Image of dearly departed 920 bus by Language Systems via flickr
· Metro to Hold Six Public Hearings on Proposed Changes [The Source]