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Here Come the HOVs

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Caltrans' plans to put high occupancy vehicle lanes on the 10 Freeway is one of the reasons numerous businesses at Westfield West Covina, including Bob's Big Boy, have closed or will be forced to, according to the Pasadena Star News. Yes, you've been eminent domain'ed, BBB. "The project will require the use of the land once partly occupied by Bob's on the northeast end of mall property that still counts AT&T, California Pizza Kitchen and Jamba Juice among its renters." But last to know? "The other shops in the line of the Caltrans wrecking ball were largely unaware that they will have to relocate in the near future. "No one has told us anything about having to close or relocate," said Michelle Bayer, a CPK manager. [Pasadena Star News]