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Free Parking Initiative in Beverly Hills Goes Down

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A proposed voter initiative that could have mandated most Beverly Hills-owned parking lots offer two hours of free parking has gotten the "nope" from a judge, reports the Beverly Hills Courier. Judge Ann Jones called the measure "fatally flawed," saying she didn't believe it was the voters' responsibility to set parking policy. “The City has met its burden of showing that the parking initiative is clearly constitutionally proscribed,” the judge's ruling stated. “There is no value of putting before the people a measure which they have no power to enact.” Initiative proponents thought the free parking would spur more business, but Beverly Hills believed the measure would constrain their ability to change parking policies, among other issues. Last month, the city council approved a different parking measure that will be up for a vote in March--it provides three hours of free daytime parking, but only for Beverly Hills residents.
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