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Barnsdall Rally at City Hall, Playing House at Open Houses

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DOWNTOWN: Last fall, the Los Angeles Times reported that city was seeking a private operator to run the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Hollywood's Barnsdall Park (MOCA was one of those possibly interested), and now comes word of a rally tomorrow morning. Press release headline: "SAVE BARNSDALL – Rally on City Hall Steps – Press Release by Tomas O’Grady." Conveniently, O'Grady is also running for City Council, so he'll get to test out the City Hall steps tomorrow. [Save Barnsdall]

LOS ANGELES: Open House as grad student project? A group of students at Art Center recently completed a study, "Playing House" their "investigation into how people navigate the threshold of ultra public and ultra private worlds by playing with the socially acceptable boundaries of interaction in open houses." The group took a kit of everyday props " to a variety of open houses to literally see what it would be like to live there." More via their web site. [Curbed InBox]