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Oprah and Jenny McCarthy Are Trying to Ruin San Luis Obispo

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McCarthy narcs out a smoker on her visit to SLO

C'mon everyone, let's go to San Luis Obispo! Book your room at the Madonna Inn, send in your night class registration for Cal Poly, Oprah says it'll make us happy! For her show last week, O sent mactrestivist Jenny McCarthy to the town they call "the happiest city in America." McCarthy found that pedestrian-friendliness, smoking bans, and drive-through restaurant prohibitions, plus high levels of self-employment, have made SLO a joyous little town (it has a population of about 45,000, and it's perhaps also worth noting it's about 84% white, quite high for California). The city is featured in the book "Thrive," by Blue Zones researcher Dan Buettner, and while it ranked number one on the 2008 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, it was pushed out of the top ten in 2009 (Boulder ranked number one on the list of medium and small metro areas). It was probably all those gluttonous, lazy smokers moving in, hoping the city will do them some good. Sorry SLOers. Watch the video here.
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