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Long Beach Getting New, Less Panic-Inducing, Bike Lanes

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Lucky Long Beach is getting two new downtown bike lanes that will have dedicated traffic signals and be separated from cars by a painted median with planters and pylons (pictured)--most area bike lanes run adjacent to vehicular traffic without any barrier (picture Santa Monica Boulevard in West LA). Work started today on the Long Beach lanes and after they open in March, transportation officials will study them for six months--if they decide to make them permanent, landscaped medians will be added as a further barricade between bikes and cars. The project costs about $630,000, reports the Los Angeles Times, and covers the east-west arteries of Broadway and Third from Alamitos to Golden Avenues. The Long Beach Post says the streets currently have three lanes of one-way traffic, but the new set-up will be two traffic lanes, a bike lane, and a parking lane. Image via LB Post
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