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The Edge's "Leaves in the Wind" Plan May Be Trampled

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Remember when U2 guitarist The Edge proposed building five new eco-friendly homes in a development called "Leaves in the Wind" near Malibu (and the homes have names like "Clouds Rest," "Panorama," "Shell House" and "Blue Clouds"), a move that worried groups like the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy? Now, the California Coastal Commission is recommending denial of the project, saying the five homes would "violate state law by ruining a wild area and scarring hillsides visible from Pacific Coast Highway," according to the AFP.

Plus, the Contra Costa Times raises questions about the Edge's (birthname: David Evans) application process. Are Evans' lawyers acting a tady shady? The lawyers "are fighting the Coastal Commission vigorously, and have even broken the project up into five separate applications. They argue that it is unacceptable for the Coastal Commission to consider the 'separate' application in one proceeding. The state has investigated and found that the 'separate' applicants are all linked to Evans by marriage or longstanding business relations. The state stops short of calling recent actions to split ownership of the land a sham, but notes that all five applications were filed on the same day and employ the same consultants." Ah, don't worry, Evans. The real estate boom is over--it's all about renting now. Throw up some cheap apartments somewhere instead.
· U2 band member's Malibu housing project hits snag [CCT]