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Long-Vacant West Hollywood Property Demolished, But Don't Get Too Excited

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What was once a former gym--but has been empty for over a decade--has been torn down on Santa Monica Boulevard and West Knoll Drive in WeHo (the two-week demo mostly finished on Wednesday when the facade came down). What's coming? "Over the years, rumors of a hotel or a multi-restaurant complex being built there have circulated about town, but no such project came together," reports West Hollywood Patch (Commenters: We want a parking lot! We want a park!). Indeed nothing has yet come together. The building got the heave-ho because it was red-tagged for being structurally unstable. "There's no active project for the site at the moment," Antonio Castillo, associate planner for West Hollywood, tells us. The open space is a relatively sweet spot with foot traffic, so maybe it'll eventually see some development.
· Old Gold's Gym Building Torn Down [WestHollywoodPatch]