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Palos Verdes Homes Explainer: Meet The Three Sisters

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One of the sisters, designed by Culver City-based EnviroTechno; image via Homes of Palos Verdes
Our image of Palos Verdes is that it's a neighborhood where all those downtown lawyers head at the end of the day, zooming down the peninsula, millions of dollars of billable hours dancing through their heads. Perhaps some of those lawyers live in these homes examined by "The Homes of Palos Verdes," a recently launched blog. In one of their first posts, the blog looks at three home dubbed the "Three Sisters." Explainer of these ladies: "The Three Sisters are all homes built in the last 10 years by three different architects in various dialects of the Mediterranean style. They sit next to one another and replace older, 1950/60s-era single story ranch style homes on wide, ocean front lots." More information follows--for better or worse, you will learn how the Mediterranean-Palos Verdes sausage is made.
· Brand spankin' new! [Home of Palos Verdes]