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Need to Park On Figueroa? The City's Got You Covered

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Speaking of Figueroa, Gehl Architects is a Danish architecture firm helping to develop some ideas for the CRA-backed “MyFigueroa” project, which aims to prettify and pedestrian-ize 3.5 miles of Figueroa Street from Exposition Park up to 7th Street via a $20 million Prop. C grant--workshops were hosted in the Fall asking the public what they wanted to see for the street, and more are coming next month. On their blog today, Gehl provided this map on the parking options (in red) in the Figueroa corridor to illustrate the questionable land-usage that exists now. Some of Gehl's preliminary ideas for Fig include pedestrian plazas and bike lanes separated from car traffic (of course, this whole project could all get be for naught as all state CRAs are threatened with closure). The architecture firm is hosting a discussion on public space February 11th at UCLA with their director Oliver Schulze--don't worry, parking's provided.

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