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Solair Blackout Crisis, Day 10: Talk of Corporate Condos

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The situation at Solair in Koreatown has taken a turn for the worse: Residents, who were vacated from the building last week after an electrical failure, are now being told it could be 60 days until they can return home because a new electrical panel needs to be installed in the building, according to Peter Marino, spokesperson for ST Residential, the building's owner.

A message posted two days ago on the Solair homeowners' web site by S. John Ko, General Manager at the building, provides more explanation: "We are estimating a 60-Day reconstruction process: 1 remaining week for plans & contract, 2 weeks for demolition/preparation, 2.5 weeks for installation of all hardware and tie-in, and 2 weeks for city approval. Once the city agencies re-certify the building, we will be able to immediately begin move-in operations. This is the best estimate we have at this time."

According to Marino, residents are being put up in a nearby Residence Inn in the short term, but “we are looking to try and put them into corporate condos and rentals.” Corporate condos=sexy. ST Residential is also covering the HOAs for the residents. The residents aren't the only ones affected: More than half a dozen stores in the base and on the second floor of the building are also closed.

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