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Patel's Golden Key Hotel, Reimagined: Will Glendale Approve?

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As requested, today Golden Key Hotel owner Ray Patel submitted plans to redevelop his hotel to the Glendale Redevelopment Agency. Additionally, today developer Rick Caruso also dropped off his plans for expanding his Americana mall at the city. Sounds like there was a deadline for submitting plans! For those just catching up, last November, Patel was told either to sell his hotel, which he has owned since 2002, to developer Caruso, who wants to expand his Americana at Brand mall, or present his own plans to redevelop the hotel. So this is Patel's plan. Later tonight, we'll post Caruso's plan and Caruso's rendering. The City Council will likely weigh in next month.

Here are the details: Patel plans to increase the rooms from 55 to 69 rooms; move the pool to the rooftop--more height would be added to the front of the hotel--and a pool on top would make it more of a "destination" hotel. Can we drink a cocktail in the the pool area? Because that may be a deal breaker.

An upscale coffee shop would be added on the ground floor. A new business center, new gym, and a new lounge would also be added. Additionally, he plans to offer airport van shuttle service to Burbank Airport.

The cost of the re-design, done by Newport Beach-based Knitter Partners International, will cost $2.5-$3 million, he says, but by improving his hotel, Patel believes more guests will visit the Americana.

At a Glendale City Council meeting last week to protect CRA funds, no money was allocated for any expansion or redesign of the Golden Key because the redevelopment agency “is in the preliminary stage of seeing what will be presented,” Philip Lanzafame, Chief Assistant Director of Community Development at Glendale, told us. Caruso has previously said his plan requires no redevelopment funds.

And here's how the hotel looks today:

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The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210