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Soon to be Ex-Beckett in Beverly Hills Post Office*

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The listing for this three bedroom house in Beverly Hills Post Office goes through all the trouble of telling you this is "A 1952 Welton Beckett Modern With Guest House & Pool," but it doesn't want you to want the Welton Becket Modern with guest house and pool. There are no photos of the existing house, just the word "teardown" and renderings of an X-Ten Architects plan. There's also a note that a current soil report is available along with this "Turn-Key Build-Out & Interior Design Package With World Class Firm." The site itself is 3.8 acres, according to the listing. Asking price to tear down a Welton Becket is $12.5 million. *The listing seems to have named the wrong Becket/t--this house was designed by William Sutherland Beckett for "Que Sera Sera" lyricist Ray Evans. It was on the market in 2008 for $9.995 million.
· 1255 ANGELO Dr [Redfin]