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Hollywood Wood, Toluca Lake Ups the Ante, Fairfax Party Time, Boots on Broadway

Elizabeth Daniels 1/11
TOLUCA LAKE: Mozza2Go investors Melina and Christian Davies are helping turn around the culinary wasteland that is Toluca Lake (all those studio people need to eat!). Their cafe/market Olive & Thyme on Riverside opens February 1st, with lots of savory sweets, cheese, and booze.

HOLLYWOOD: A 140-seat restaurant called Wood & Vine is putting finishing touches on a space in the Taft Building near our city's most famous intersection. Food is "American farm-to-table small plate menu" with a chef from Bastide; opening is expected in a few weeks.

FAIRFAX: This sounds fun and new: Vodvil, a gaming restaurant, is constructing a space on Fairfax, north of Beverly. Aside from cocktails and small plates, there will be karaoke, charades, word puzzles, and trivia. New trend alert?

DOWNTOWN: If you hadn't heard, New York institution (and now Echo Park) Two Boots is taking on Downtown, opening a new venue on Broadway. Sounds like it'll be quite a bit before you'll be munching on some pepperoni, though.
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