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Caruso's Americana at Brand, Expanded: Will Glendale Approve?

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A few hours ago, we posted Golden Key Hotel owner Ray Patel's plans for redeveloping his hotel. And here are developer Rick Caruso's plans, also submitted today to the Glendale Redevelopment Agency, for redeveloping the Americana. This rendering's view is from the inside of the Americana. The new 135,000 square foot retail building that Caruso wants to add--a structure that could hold three stores---can be seen between the existing Barnes & Noble and the existing Americana Excelsior residences (the building with the Cafe at the bottom). The new building is the building with the purple-colored signage.

More details about Caruso's plan: As you can see, Caruso is adding a new fountain; the plaza has been expanded; there's a new pedestrian entryway near the new building; and part of Caruso Way has been closed down to cars to encourage more pedestrian movement.

Meanwhile, what else is already existing in the rendering is restaurant on the far left, the building with the red awning.

But is this the cherry on the top for Glendale? Caruso is offering to widen Colorado Street (and more importantly, pay for it), and to add street and lighting improvements. The press release isn't heavy on details on the street widening, but here's the quote from the press release.

“The City has long wanted to widen Colorado Street, to improve traffic circulation at Colorado and Brand Boulevard. Under our proposal this work will be done at our sole expense. Widening this stretch of Colorado cannot occur with the Golden Key Hotel in its current location,” noted Caruso.

UPDATE: Right now, if Caruso takes over the hotel, he will widen two hundred feet of Colorado Street in front of the hotel, according to a rep for Caruso. We'll get more details about this proposed widening in the days ahead.

Caruso's total plan costs $40 million. In comparison, Patel is proposing to spend about $3 million.
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· Patel's Golden Key Hotel, Reimagined: Will Glendale Approve? [Curbed LA]

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210