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AEG Stadium Rumors Flying, Thai Town Hotdog Stand

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DOWNTOWN: Because it's been more than 12 hours since AEG head Tim Leiweke made a speech about his proposed NFL stadium, AEG has scheduled a "complete briefing and project update on the proposed stadium" with "new milestone announcements" for next Tuesday morning. We're hearing rumors the naming deal--with some big corporate sponsor-- will be announced at the event. How about Trader Joe's Stadium? And there are rumors that Magic Johnson will show up. Pictured is HNTB's stadium design. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: From the InBox, a question about the hot dog stand. Wasn't it going to be donated or sold off at one point? "Haven't heard much about the Thai Town Hotdog stand..... oh, in say about 4 years. Any idea when someone is actually going to do something with this busy corner?" Last we heard, CIM Group owns the hot dog stand. [Curbed InBox]