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By the Numbers, Why Zsa Zsa Gabor Isn't Selling Her Bel Air House [UPDATE]

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House via TMZ; still of Von Anhalt and reporters via ABC7

It's been floating around for about a week now that, following major surgery, Zsa Zsa Gabor is planning on selling her house in Bel Air. Howard Hughes built the four bedroom on Bel Air Road in 1955 and Elvis lived there in the sixties, but today it's not in the greatest shape. Recently, Gabor's husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, who became titled in his thirties when he was adult-adopted by a German princess, held a press event at the house and told everyone the pair can't afford not to sell, but that they've "already been inundated with calls from interested buyers, many from China and Russia, who are interested in owning the house for the investment and bragging rights," according to the LA Times. There are a lot of numbers swirling around this whole thing, many a little fishy, so for the Chinese, the Russian, and the curious in the crowd, here's a helpful guide to the Gabor house sale, by the numbers: UPDATE: A Huffington Post reader disputes the LAT's claim that Howard Hughes built this house. The reader, Barbara Yobs, claims the house was built by her grandparents, Gwladys & John B. Zurlo. An editor at the Huffington Post passed on the email to Curbed. We're checking...

12,000: The house size in square feet, according to the LA Times and ABC7
8,000: The house size in square feet, according to TMZ
Less than 7,000: The house size in square feet, according to Los Angeles' zoning information website
.89: Number of acres the house sits on, according to the city's zoning information website
70s: Decade in which Gabor purchased the house
35,000: Amount in dollars Von Anhalt says the house's upkeep is costing him every month
28 million: Amount in dollars Von Anhalt says they're selling for
2,300-4,400: Range, in dollars, of the asking price per square foot
0: Listings for the house on the MLS
2: Number of permanent houseguests the new owner will have, since Von Anhalt says allowing him and Gabor to live in the house rent-free will be a stipulation of any sale
2: Number of toilets "nestled in the foliage on the side of the house," put there purposely to annoy the neighbors, according to the LAT
3: Number of hot women Von Anhalt claimed robbed him at gunpoint and left him naked and handcuffed to his Rolls in 2007, although no handcuffs were found at the scene
Extremely small: Likelihood that anyone is seriously trying to get this house sold

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