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Plenty of Condos on the Market, Says Polaris Report

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LOS ANGELES: San Francisco-based marketing and research group Polaris Group covers the condo market in Los Angeles, crunching the numbers in terms of what's being sold. From their latest report: "Median resale price for the October-to-December period for condos was $435,000, a 3.3 percent decline from the prior year. Volume: Resale and pending transactions for the same three-month period declined by 19.9 and 42.3 percent, respectively, from the previous year. Inventory: The number of [condos] listed on the market is 60.9 percent higher than last year. With 2,858 resale [condos] available and an average of 320 [condo] sales per month, supply remains high at 8.9 months of inventory." Plenty to choose from, it seems. No direct link, but here's their web site. [Polaris]

Speaking of condos sitting on the market, pictured is a three-bedroom Sherman Oaks condo that's been on the market for 1,237 days. "Easy to show," promises the listing, Oh, we're sure it's been shown quite a bit. [Polaris/Redfin]