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Brit Rockers Move Next Door to Larry Flynt, Are Told to Keep It Down

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Alt rock darlings the Arctic Monkeys have temporarily moved in next door to Larry Flynt on the Bird Streets while they record their new album, and the British press is all atwitter over the Aniston-proximity. The Sun says the band is "paying £30k [about $48,000]" for two months in the "£3million [about $4.8 million] Hollywood Hills mansion," which has six bedroom, eight bathrooms, a pool and spa, an outdoor kitchen, two wetbars, and a library. It last sold in 1999 for $1.085 million (the MLS listing does say it's "just remodeled"), and lease price is listed at $25,000 per month. We're a little skeptical that neighbors on and around the Bird Streets are living quiet, retiring lives, but a source tells the paper that "Locals are worried a rock band moving in nearby would ruin the peace and quiet they're used to so the lads have been told not to play their music too loud." Either way, the Monkeys should be gone pretty soon--the listing says the house will be available again starting February 15.
· Welcome to the Monkey House [The Sun]