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1925 Boyle Heights Flip Has the Face of a Valley McMansion

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Deep within the listing photos for this five bedroom, three bathroom house, you can still make out how this house might've looked when it was built in 1925, or at least before whichever remodel is responsible for the recessed lighting. We don't have an inkling on the facade, though, which, typical LA, looks like it's had some really bad work done (Google Street View shows the same facade, so we probably can't blame it on the current owners--Redfin lists a 1990 remodel and the Department of Building and Safety has a 2002 report). Anyway, the house has a gas fireplace, a multi-level patio, and a two car garage. It sold in November 2010 for $195,000 and is now listed at $315,000.
· 3049 GANAHL St [Redfin]