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Pants on Fire, Anti-Downtown NFL Stadium Video

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Struggling actors? Classy blue screen?
Now that AEG wants to put a NFL stadium in downtown, some anonymous YouTube videos bashing the project have cropped up. Here's another series: In these three short videos, these guys, who have the combined brain capacity of a pineapple, talk about how scary it will be if a stadium comes downtown. Let's fact-check their statements. 1. The recent Lakers riots resulted in "people dead, people wounded." FALSE: Yeah, those rioters were deadly serious about partying, but actually dead? 2. "Downtown is already dangerous enough." FALSE: Crime rates in downtown are falling, according to the Downtown News. 3. The stadium will tear down "the existing LA convention center that we all know and love." FALSE: Oh, for crissakes. Most people don't even know LA has a convention stadium.