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Anti-Commercial Popup, Zip-Tie Sculpture, Jewelry for the Soul

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HOLLYWOOD: IKO IKO's EXTRAordinary Life Series installation at Space1520 "imagines a store without commercialization." Who knows how that works, but offerings include clothes, furniture, home goods, sculptures, and more. It runs through January 30.

MELROSE: Racked hit the Revolve Boutique this week for the launch of Refinery 29's boutique. Behind Taste restaurant they found "a beautifully designed store from LA architecture firm Standard" with a zip-tie installation by Molly Hunker and Greg Corso creating "an obstacle course near the crowded bar."

BEVERLY GROVE: What's Madonna into this week? Doesn't matter, jewelry designer Alexandra St. Clair sells "friendship bracelets, crosses, Buddha figures, Stars of David, and other well fashioned faith symbols" to suit the fickle spiritual tastes of the fabulous. Racked made a pilgrimage to her new shop.
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