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NBC Would Rather Employees Not Build $200k Private Bathrooms

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Now that Comcast has bought NBC Universal, NBC's television chairman Jeff Gaspin is out at the network, which is not news we would normally know nor care about. However, the impetus, according to TheWrap, is pretty interesting: "When Gaspin was promoted to run NBC in July 2009, he decided he didn’t want to share a bathroom with the other executives on the 11th floor of the Wasserman building, according to a knowledgeable insider." So he kicked a couple of finance execs out of their offices and used the space to build a $200,000 private bathroom, with a shower "large enough to house a small family." There were layoffs going on at the time, and apparently Gaspin did feel a little shame--"He instructed workers to do construction at night." The bathroom wasn't the reason Gaspin's gone, but it got the ball rolling, supposedly. You know what this means, NBC television employees: camera phones at the ready! [Pictured: Jack Donaghy didn't get a bathroom door that looks like a wall by being bad at business.]
· Flushed! Jeff Gaspin, Steve Burke and the $200,000 Bathroom [TheWrap]