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New Batman Movie to Shoot Scenes in UnGotham-Like LA

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Steve Hymon points out in his Source column that Christopher Nolan's new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," will film partially in LA. This is interesting because the last such Batman movie--"The Dark Knight," with Heath Ledger--clearly turned Gotham into Chicago (as it was filmed there and in the UK). And the first Christopher Nolan Batman redux, "Batman Begins," presented Gotham as more New York-centric (though Katie Holmes's character is accosted in a very Chicago-like elevated train station). "It will be fun to see if Gotham takes on a more L.A.-look in the new movie and whether transit has any role in the plot," Hymon writes, adding that if newly-cast Anne Hathaway (as Catwoman) is purring on the 720 or an elevated Expo Line station, he better get a set invite to watch filming. Expo Line image via Expo Facebook page
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