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Struggling Old Spaghetti Factory Site Now a Giant Canvas

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Large image via Melrose & Fairfax

It's not terribly surprising that the Old Spaghetti Factory site on Sunset, which was supposed to sprout a 23-story condo tower but was taken back by its lender last fall, became a canvas for street art. But this isn't the work of bored spraypainting teens, according to street art blog Melrose & Fairfax. This is the real deal: "A grip more street art sprung up on this old building on Sunset, which has quickly burst into s a showcase for some of LA's, and the USA's, top street artists." Well, the project was entitled for supergraphics. Check out Obey's contribution (with KilleD additions) below. More here.

Image via Melrose & Fairfax
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Old Spaghetti Factory

5939 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA