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Lots of Hollywood Meat, Little Tokyo Innards, LA's Sultriest Chefs

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HOLLYWOOD: Another place to eat for residents of the Sunset Vine tower (lucky bastards)--Go Burger opened on the bottom floor on Tuesday, featuring fancy hamburgers, salmon sandwiches, fried chicken, and spiked milkshakes.

LITTLE TOKYO: Speaking of lucky neighborhoods, Little Tokyo is getting another treat with Aburiya Toranoko, which opens on Wednesday. Michael Cardenas, of the legendary and nearby Lazy Ox, is the person behind this; expect a lot of exotic Asian dishes like marinated intestines and miso-soaked tongue.

HOLLYWOOD: Back to Hollywood, but this time a neck of the woods that is in desperate need of some eats. On Hollywood Blvd., between Wilton and Western, sausage house Grindhaus is preparing to open (apparently vegetables are so 2010).

LOS ANGELES: What LA chef gets your bouillabaisse boiling? Eater is running a completely shallow but totally fun contest to see which city chef's milkshake brings the boys or girls to the yard.
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