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Downtown's Ritz-Carlton Residences Unveils Another Model Unit

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Via Elizabeth Daniels

Following last night's opening celebration for the Los Angeles Art Show, which is taking place this week at the LA Convention Center, the Ritz-Carlton Residences hosted an after-party for tipsy art lovers. Three units were opened up (and art was featured on the walls to tie in with the Art Show), but we were more interested in seeing the latest model unit. After all, it's been a slow strip tease to see these finished condos--the last time we got into this building was a year ago. Featured in the gallery: A two-bedroom unit on the 42nd floor that's asking $2.14 million. The interior decoration of the 2,450-square foot condo, for those who like to know such details, was done by local firm Woodson and Rummerfield. Like that last unit we saw, this residence has an intriguing peek-a-boo connecting the bathroom to bedroom. Meanwhile, buyers are expected to start closing and move in next month.
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