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Suggestion: How About the Architects Stop Whining?

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From Architect magazine's feature "The Next Normal," a big look at what's next for architecture and architects. This excerpt is from Bruce Mau's: "You Can Do Better":

"The cynicism and navel-gazing that infect the field of architecture at this moment—the whining malaise and never-ending complaints of powerlessness and economic hardship and marginalization and irrelevance and on, and on, and on—set me on fire.

Not because some of this is not true. Not because I don’t share the difficulties we are all grappling with to build and maintain a business during the most challenging economic conditions in living memory. Not because I don’t appreciate and support the dreams and ambitions and authentically good citizenship that form the cultural foundation of the architectural life.

I am infuriated for two reasons: First, there is simply no basis in historical fact that could possibly support a complaint about being an architect—of any kind, in any form—at this moment in history. Second, to the degree that there are problems in architectural practice in America, they are self-inflicted. Architecture is largely irrelevant to the great mass of the world’s population because architects have chosen to be." And there's so much more. Mau is promptly beat up by the commenters on the site, who presumably are architects.
· You Can Do Better [Architect Magazine]