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Baby T-Rex Latest to Visit LA's Natural History Museum

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[Image via the LAT]

The Natural History Museum is going through a major long-term renovation right now, but even during renos the dinosaurs must go on. The museum's new Dinosaur Hall opens in July and the LA Times got a peek this morning at the best part: three Tyrannosaurus rex specimens, including a baby (thought to be the youngest ever found), a juvenile, and a young adult (Thomas, one of the most complete T. rexes). The T. rexes are in the recently-finished 1913 building, but the exhibit spans two adjoining two-story galleries--the second is in the 1920s building and has floor to ceiling windows providing dinosaur views from the south lawn.

And here's a video teasing the exhibition. Glad to know we're not the only ones who like to picture a giant Triceratops looming over Disney Hall.

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