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Koreatown's Solair Goes Dark, Residents Sent Packing

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Some late-breaking news out of Koreatown: Following an electrical mishap last night at Solair, all residents in the 22-story tower at Western Ave and Wilshire Blvd were quickly shuttled out of the building. But the worst news? The electrical damage could take two or more weeks to fix, meaning residents may be out of the building for a while. Here's the official word from Peter Marino, spokesperson for developer ST Residential: "A water leak caused a short in Solair’s main building electrical panel on the evening of January 18. The short triggered two fire sprinklers to be engaged and damaged the building’s main electric panel and switchboard. While nobody was hurt, the City fire officials required us to have everyone vacate the building.

Marino goes on: "We will be providing temporary hotel accommodations for all affected residents until the electric panel can be replaced and electricity restored. We regret the inconvenience this has caused our residents and are working as fast as possible to fix the problem and return our residents to their homes."

So how many people are currently living in the building, which has been on the market for a few years now? Our source tells us that roughly 30 households were moved out of the 186-unit tower, although some residents who purchased units aren't currently living in the building (those residents are likely using the units as second homes).

Originally developed by Koar Wilshire, ST Residential, a joint venture of Starwood Capitol and the FDIC, took possession of the building last summer after a Starwood-led group purchased the Corus loan on Solair.

But here's the deal, Solair residents. If you're going to be living in a hotel for a while, put the 'ol squeeze to ST Residential aka Starwood aka the Saudis of the condo scene. Don't settle for that nearby Ramada or the Dunes Inn Wilshire. Ask Starwood Capitol's Barry Sternlicht to give you a room at the Beverly Wilshire, a suite at The Montage, a cabana at the Beverly Hilton. We'll meet you for poolside mimosas. And godspeed, Solair.

· Starwood Group Takes Ownership of Koreatown's Solair [Curbed LA]


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