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Venice Art Crawl, $2.2 Million House to Benefit Special Olympics

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Image via Facebook

VENICE: It looks like the famous gargoyle house in Venice is partaking in the Venice Art Crawl happening this Thursday. (The event takes place every third Thursday of the month.) Maybe you can also offer to buy the busty lady atop that dragon, or haggle over one of the gargoyles. [Facebook]

STUDIO CITY: The Special Olympics of Southern California is holding a raffle for a $2.2 million house in Studio City. Photos of the home can be viewed via this site. And it sounds like there are more goodies to win. From the release: "All net proceeds benefit more than 13,000 athletes in Southern California, and tickets are $150. There are hundreds of winners – from $100 to a $2.2M house to luxury vacations to a Toyota Prius." [SoCal Raffle]